Mountain in fog

Where Healing Begins

When we do not master problems or tasks when they arise at any stage of life, they continue to affect us in the next stage of development in the life journey. Unresolved problems and unfinished tasks cause us sorrow, pain, trauma, fears, and anger. We need a safe place, respect, privacy, and an opportunity to reflect.

Healing begins with the emotional and spiritual gifts our parents gave us, with deep archetypal images we have within us, with the generosity, love, and energy we find in others around us, and with our own consciousness. When negative emotions or experiences limit or block our ability to use these resources, we must begin a healing journey to clear away these blocks and heal the trauma.

In therapy, you and I will examine your life journey from beginning to end to develop who you are now. We will work to integrate mind, body, and spirit to create purpose and excellence in your schooling, career, relationships, and life.

The wisdom and strengths we need to heal already lie within us. The discovery of these strengths guides the recovery process and the achievement of integration and excellence. Therapy is the process in which you and I employ your strengths and wisdom to heal the unresolved conflicts you carry. When you are ready to begin this healing journey, call me.